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Success Stories


"The UMS team was incredibly helpful when explaining their services and the opportunity. The process was simple and would recommend a trial for other companies."
– Erik Root, Chief Operating Officer
Lion Labs, Ltd.
“I was unsure if we could save money on utilities and did not have the time or experience to research it. Using Utility Management took away any doubt because they found the prices we are paying are very good and there weren’t any savings they could find. It cost me nothing and saved me time.”
– Greg Wooten, Chief Infrastructure Officer
Contractor Service & Fabrication Inc
"UMS has given our company a total savings of approximately $48,000 per year in energy costs. UMS did all of the leg work making it a very simple process."
– Larry Turner, COO & CFO
Daly Seven
"This service has benefited our commercial building customers to one particular account with savings of $800 plus per month for two buildings at the same center which was at least $1,600 a month savings in our budget! Amazing savings!"
– Elvin Capestany, Property Manager
GI Partners Javier Rd LLC
"I believe the services being provided by UMS are extremely valuable and add a level of comfort to our organization knowing that our power accounts are being maintained. As a local Agency, it is imperative that we are good stewards of tax dollars and find the UMS service helpful with this."
– Cameron Cole, Director of Operations
Liberty County Development Authority
"The audit process was quick and efficient. As a small town, we are looking for ways to lower costs for our citizens. UMS has been a tremendous help."
– Al Leonard, Town Maager
Town of Tabor City
"Little did we realize that we were losing hard-earned profits in not knowing how to effectively negotiate our utility accounts. I was very skeptical that they'd find any savings by analyzing our utility bills, but who's laughing now!"
– Don Weber, Owner
Waterman's Brewing
"The services provided are a no-brainer. If no savings are found, no cost and a nicely detailed report to show the due diligence was completed."
– Rob Dunham, Community Manager
Premier Management Company
"UMS has been diligent in researching and examining our records in order to maximize the monetary benefits to our City."
– Jonathan Sumner, City Manager
City of Hahira
"Fairly simple. I didn't have a lot of time to devote to this so Sarah made it pretty simple. And followed up many times."
– Grant Chapman, Facilities Engineer
Interstate Warehousing
"This has been a good experience with a service I would not have researched for on my own. "
– Leslie Cenezy, Business Manager
Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church
“UMS has certainly saved me a lot of money that I wouldn’t have been aware existed. A very straightforward concept that is a win-win situation.”
–Jon Mitchell, Director of Facilities
Reston Bible Church
“At first, I was skeptical. Saw the results, and now I’m a believer. Converted every building we manage. Have seen savings. The Best.”
– Cecil Cutchins, President
Olympia Development Court
“The services provided by UMS have been great for our business. It gives us more time to do other things instead of figuring out why our power usage is costing us so much money. They do all the work, and we save money. It is a win-win situation.”
–Jennifer McNeilus, Controller
Gibson Accumulator
“I have used UMS in prior positions and considered it a “no-brainer” when I started as CEO of our water utility. UMS saves us money by leveraging energy industry knowledge that our own staff does not possess. I always say you don’t need to know every answer, just where to go to find every answer. UMS has the answer for cost savings.”
– Jeffery Hudson, CEO
Onslow Water & Sewer Authority
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