Case Study

City of Madison


After the retirement of a 33-year tenured City Manager—Mayor Perriman, Mayor Pro Tempore Blanton and the entire City Council unanimously appointed John Klimm to this role with the City of Madison.

Upon his hiring, Mr. Klimm immediately set forth to complete a large project by overseeing the renovation of Madison’s historic City Hall. This was a major accomplishment to achieve within his first year. After its conclusion, the next major priority was to find ways to increase funding for the city.

After hearing about the possibility of identifying savings through a contingency-based utility bill review, Mr. Klimm and Finance Director, Karen Stapp, happily sat down with Ron Hoffman of Utility Management Services (UMS) to learn about the savings potential that could result from this type of study.

While initially having an interest, both decision-makers quickly discovered that there was nothing to loose—given that no out-of-pocket money or resources were required to move forward with the service.

That same afternoon, Ms. Stapp supplied one month’s power bill for each account—along with a signed power provider authorization form and UMS Service Agreement. From there, the UMS analysts performed an in-depth review of the City’s usage data.

A few weeks later, the city received the results of the study. It showed that several accounts would benefit from changes. This resulted in approximately $8,200 in annual savings. UMS implemented the changes on the City of Madison’s behalf and continues to document the savings on a quarterly basis.

The Facts


$ 500
in annual savings
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