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We have worked with clients in all types of industries from family-owned restaurants to large manufacturers to national, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. No matter what industry your business is in or where you are located, our team will work to uncover any savings opportunities possible.

If you have high utility bills, we want to help!
Here is a snapshot of recent clients:


Farms, nurseries, and other agricultural operations use a substantial amount of water, natural gas, and electricity. As utility prices continue to rise, closing in on profit margins, a UMS utility bill analysis can help reduce the cost of these necessities.

Cities and Governments

Cities and governments have a lot of different facilities all with unique operating characteristics. From office buildings to streetlights, we analyze all utility accounts to find savings for the most efficient use of taxpayer revenue.

Data Centers

Data Centers have unique operating characteristics compared to most businesses. They require a large amount of electricity to keep them operational causing high electric bills. We can conduct an off-site analysis to save potentially 15-20% of your annual bill.


Schools and universities strive to deliver the best education and opportunities possible to their students. By reducing operational spending on utilities, additional money can be incorporated back into the budget to further student growth and engagement.


Grocery stores often face substantial utility bills, especially when it comes to refrigeration. Preserving perishable items and maintaining food safety can be costly. With shoppers frequently opening and closing wall chillers throughout the day, these expenses can accumulate quickly.


Hospitals use a significant amount of energy and water to keep their equipment running and their facilities cool. There are unique opportunities to reduce the amount spent on these utilities for hospitals, as well as other healthcare facilities like assisted living communities and doctors’ offices.


COVID presented a significant challenge to the hospitality industry. Bills were unpredictable due to reduced occupancy. We can look at your current and past billing history for errors to ensure you were not overcharged and are paying the most optimal pricing for your natural gas, water, and electricity bills moving forward.


Manufacturers account for a substantial share of total energy consumed, and decision-makers face challenges on many fronts, such as cybersecurity risks, supply chain issues, and inflation. UMS can help reduce your facilities’ utility spending, keeping you competitive in the face of these pressures.


As COVID and rising prices affected many families it also affected their ability to give back. By completing a utility bill analysis with UMS, more money can be added back into your budget allowing your organization to have a greater impact. Make your organization’s money go further by partnering with UMS.

Property Management

Commercial and residential property management groups have high electricity, natural gas, and water bills. These are necessities to keep tenants and residents happy and comfortable but what if you could pay less for them? Reducing the bills for your properties could enable other investments or amenities. The possibilities are endless.

Religious Organizations

As COVID and rising prices affected many families, it also affected their ability to give back. Many organizations have decided to upgrade equipment such as LED lighting to limit their utility spending. Our off-site utility bill analysis is a great complement to any other energy initiatives. Let us help your organization increase its impact.

Restaurants and Breweries

Restaurants require a large amount of energy to run walk-ins, HVACs, and cooking equipment. Breweries also use a large amount of electricity and water, making utility bills a significant cost. Partnering with UMS can potentially save 10-15% of your yearly utility bill spend increasing your profit margins.


Telecom has unique operating characteristics since much of the equipment has a continuous load. This warrants unique electrical savings opportunities that our analysts can help you take advantage of or advocate for on your behalf.

Warehousing and Cold Storage

In the warehousing and cold storage industry, electricity is a significant expense. The substantial amount of energy needed to power these types of operations makes a no-risk analysis of your bills to ensure you are not getting overcharged a no-brainer.


UMS has worked with an array of businesses like recycling facilities, car dealers, airports, marinas, banks, furniture stores, laundry operations, and more. If you have high utility bills, feel like you have been overcharged, or just want to make sure there are no lower pricing options available, we can help!


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