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Hospitals and medical centers are the backbone of a healthy community, and they need energy to keep us strong. Medical facility leadership must ensure their teams have the electricity, water, and other utilities to run crucial lifesaving equipment, not to mention keep the air clean and comfortable. Any Director of Facilities knows that reliable, affordable utilities are the cornerstone of smooth operations.

According to the EPA, a 75-bed hospital spends about $735,000 a year on energy, while a 2018 study from Electric and Energy Leader shows that water and sewer costs in the healthcare sector have continued to rise over time. Hospitals in 2018 were spending 42 cents per square foot; in 2007, they were spending just 24 cents. With those numbers in mind, CFOs and Financial Managers at hospitals and medical centers who want to save money on energy and other utilities can benefit from the guidance of our experts. 

Following an initial conversation, UMS energy professionals take a deep dive into your accounts and systems. We save our healthcare clients on average $45,862 a year in energy spending. Plus, UMS doesn’t take any upfront fees — we only make money if you save money. And we always try to maximize savings with minimal operational changes, making the shift to less costly utility bills as smooth as possible.

Savings Numbers

TypeMax Annual SavingsAverage Annual Savings
All Healthcare$956,122$45,862
Animal Healthcare$1,919$1,919
Long Term Care$113,570$25,104

Case Studies

Harmony Senior Services (HSS) operates a vast network of first-rate senior living homes, all of which rely on electricity for their residents’ care and comfort. When Terry Howard, CEO, first came to UMS, HSS was straining under massive energy bills. After UMS energy experts ran a historical billing analysis, they found several savings options. Harmony Senior Services is now saving $50,000 annually, with no operational changes or service interruptions. Now, UMS energy pros are working on saving even more for HSS’ new senior living communities.

Healthcare Systems

Healthcare systems are immense with dozens of energy bills and energy accounts. Recently, UMS energy experts worked with one system in the Southeast United States. With 80 electricity accounts across three hospitals, multiple outpatient medical centers, and various auxiliary facilities, this healthcare system was spending over 5.1 million a year on energy bills. After a thorough review of all energy accounts, UMS pros found an array of savings opportunities adding up to almost 1 million dollars! 


"My facility went through the process recently. It was not a lot of work on my part. They were able to find savings that I realize each month. I would encourage all to investigate the service."
Craig Mason, Director of Facilities
Pleasant Valley Hospital
“Working with UMS was easy. They were able to identify several areas of opportunities for saving our company money on our utilities. Thank you for helping a non-profit save money!”
Nannette Mauger, Business Manager
Lower Cape Fear Hospice
“It was nice to find out that there was a company out there that can save us money where we didn’t know possible - like with Duke Energy. For no up-front costs and only sharing in the savings, it’s a great deal.”
Gus Liagas, Director of Operations
Meridian Laboratory
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