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Breakdown/Overview STF Precision


STF Precision acquired by GWS tool group is a manufacturer that produces high-quality diamond-tipped
cutting tools. They excel in manufacturing high-tolerance hard-to-produce cutting tools.

STF approached UMS seeking to lower their natural gas and electric bills through our off-site utility bill audit and analysis. Our analysts were able to obtain two years of historical billing data directly from
STF’s power provider and completed an in-depth analysis where there were several findings.

First, our team identified a billing error for which UMS was able to obtain a refund for STF for three years of overpayment. Second, we were able to negotiate a new Power Purchase Contract with their power provider resulting in annual ongoing savings.

All opportunities required no operational changes or capital investments, and UMS analysts continue to
monitor their accounts to ensure no errors and the lowest cost structure possible. 

“After getting the results of my analysis, I could not believe how much I was being overcharged by the power company. The expertise of the UMS team is extremely valuable, and they could save your business a lot of money. I highly recommend having them perform a risk-free audit, even if you’ve had one done before – and if they do not find savings, there is no charge.”

- Dave Novak, VP of Administration

The Facts

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$ 0
in annual savings
$ 0 k
in a one-time refund from a billing error
$ 0
in savings from a new power purchase contract UMS negotiated
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