A utility bill audit is a comprehensive analysis of your utility bills to identify any billing errors, overcharges, or future savings opportunities for which you may qualify. A utility bill audit can uncover large sums of money that have been previously missed due to complex pricing plans.
  • Simply authorize us to conduct an off-site audit/analysis of your electric, water, and/or gas bills and provide us with a copy of one month’s bill.
  • We will work to obtain 12 months or more of your historical billing directly from your utility provider.
  • Our team of certified analysts will conduct a historical audit to search for errors, overcharges, and other refund opportunities.
  • We will also perform an in-depth analysis of all the rate plans available to your organization to identify any ongoing savings opportunities.

We will negotiate with your utility provider, on your behalf, to secure any refunds or credits you are due and to switch your organization to any lower-cost plans for ongoing savings.

Our policy is to never charge for work that does not result in savings. If savings are identified, we are paid a share of the savings you receive. If no savings are identified, there is no cost to you.
UMS will continually monitor your accounts going forward to ensure you are not being overcharged for any utility provider errors or irregularities and to guarantee you are always on the best rate for your operations.
We analyze natural gas, water/sewer, and electric accounts for commercial, industrial, and government customers nationwide.
The energy industry is rapidly changing, and power providers’ pricing is no different. Even if you have had an analysis done in the past there may be new opportunities available. We have found savings years after prior analyses due to new factors such as operational growth and changing utility rate plans.
UMS has analyzed utility bills since 1998. We are one of the oldest firms that specifically focus on reducing energy bills through no-risk utility bill audits. Most of our competitors do not have the ability to conduct the in-depth analyses UMS does in-house. If you are working with a company that is completing a utility bill analysis for you, let UMS verify there are no opportunities being missed. It won’t cost you a thing.
On-site energy audits are typically focused on identifying opportunities to reduce your energy usage, often through equipment upgrades and other measures that require capital expenditure. At UMS all of our work is conducted completely off-site and requires no operational changes or out-of-pocket costs. Our analysis looks at the ways your business can reduce utility bills through different pricing options your power provider offers.
The typical timeframe for a utility bill analysis varies widely depending on the number of accounts being analyzed and other factors and can range from several weeks to several months. We make the process as simple as possible for your organization by working directly with your provider to obtain as much of your historical bill data as possible and to implement rate changes and other savings opportunities on your behalf. The only things we ask from our clients to get started is a recent bill copy for each account to be analyzed. We take it from there.
Our founder and CEO was an account representative for a large power provider. He started UMS with the recognition that a utility’s interest is often not aligned with lowering customer costs. At UMS, our interest is yours: ensuring you are paying as little as possible for your utilities.

On average, we find savings for over 50% of our customers. If we do not find savings there is no charge and we continue to monitor your organization’s utility accounts for future savings opportunities.

We do not provide or sell electricity. However, we do help our clients shop for energy in deregulated markets when possible.
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