At Utility Management Services, Inc. (UMS) we strive to lower your utility expenses, making your business or organization more financially sound for years to come.

It is our mission to protect our customers from growing utility expenses. We are constantly educating them on rapidly-changing energy trends and fiscal energy opportunities that can have a significant impact on their organizations.

Our experts perform in-depth studies, analyses and audits to uncover savings opportunities and reclaim any money due as the result of utility provider errors or overcharges.

At the same time, we analyze your utility usage and demand readings to determine your most cost-effective rate structure.

Who is Utility Management Services (UMS)?

UMS is one of the largest and most successful firms of its type in the country. Since 1998, our professionals have audited over 600,000 accounts for more than 10,000 customers and have identified over $200 million in cumulative savings for our customers. In addition to the auditing process, UMS acts as a consultant, offering our recommendations to our customers. Our goal is to make their organization or business more energy-efficient and cost-effective, with little or no changes to their operations.

Why trust the experts at UMS?

Organizations and businesses of all types encounter many challenges in today’s economy. Rising utility costs are a major expense for any organization or business.

Utility companies take the stance that it is the customer’s responsibility to identify mistakes as well as determine what rate is best for their operations. Our customers trust our expertise and have full confidence in our ability to decipher complicated, complex utility tariffs to determine the most advantageous option for their facility.

The 35 employees and account managers at UMS take great pride in the work they do each day. Our long-tenured staff is led by an electrical engineer and former power provider executive. Our analytical personnel model rate structures and identify actionable results. Not only are we saving money for businesses, but we have assisted hundreds of municipalities, government entities, school systems, churches, hospitals and non-profit organizations in lowering their utility costs.

UMS is pleased to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our primary goal is to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and deliver unmatched customer service on all levels.

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Available Positions

Account Manager Role Description

Due to business growth, we are currently seeking Account Managers in:

  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Alabama

Our Account Managers (Sales) represent the company as independent contractors with excellent customer relations and tremendous earnings potential. See above Role Description for more information.

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  • “When our UMS rep took a look at how much we were overpaying for our power, I was pleasantly surprised how much she was able to save us throughout the year. We never would have been able to pull off negotiating our rates if it weren’t for UMS.”

    - Michael Clark
    The Allergy Center at Brookstone-Columbus, GA

  • “I don’t have the information necessary to negotiate rates the way that UMS does, even if I had the time. This is a valuable service and I would recommend it to any manufacturer.”

    - Diane Lewis
    Lewis Chemical Company-Rome, GA

  • “UMS has saved our organization time and money!”

    - Myles Chatham
    Northside Church-Roswell, GA

  • “This is a win-win opportunity. Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, watch out - but this opportunity is for real.”

    - Jean Adams
    Gerald G. Adams Dentistry-Columbus, GA

  • "Ums is a professional service that saves me money every month. I can focus on my business and not worry about losing money. They are timely, courteous and well managed."

    - Brett McCullough
    Brett's Casual America-Athens, GA

  • "We are thrilled for the savings sought and managed by UMS."

    - Jake Grant
    James Madison Inn-Madison, GA

  • “UMS has been wonderful to work with. From the very beginning, everything was explained well and UMS handled it all. All we had to do was enjoy the benefits-savings!”

    - Annette Houtz
    Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church-Lawrenceville, GA

North Carolina

  • “Jessica and support staff did an excellent job providing us with needed documentation and answering our questions.”

    - Ramona Burns
    Cape Fear Public Utility Authority-Wilmington, NC

  • “The services UMS provided our company have save me a lot of time and money for the company. We had our accounts all over the place and they helped get them together and negotiate our new rates. This did not consume a lot of my time. It was well worth it.”

    - Jennifer McNeilus
    Aero Accessories, Inc.-Gibsonville, NC

  • “Great job! Thanks for everything!”

    - Jessica Green
    Clarion Inn Asheville Airport-Fletcher, NC

  • “I like not having to keep up with the future rate savings opportunities with the utility companies since UMS does it on my behalf. If they don’t save you money beyond that of your current rate, you don’t pay - so it’s a no-risk proposition.”

    - Michael Johnston
    Franklinville Restaurant-Asheboro, NC

  • “UMS has saved us money over the last year by reducing our rates. We were in the wrong rate when UMS advocated for us and was able to get us into the correct rate.”

    - Lana Daniels
    American Gas Log/Heatmaster-Angier, NC

  • “UMS has been great to work with. My Account Manager has been extremely helpful in all aspects. We appreciate the services and savings.”

    - Anne Baxter
    Snider Tire-Greensboro, NC

  • “UMS has saved us a lot of money on our power bills. They are a great company and helpful in every way.”

    - Cathy Terrell
    Terrell Knitting Mill-Graham, NC

  • “I haven’t visited the folder this year, but the last time I looked over it, I was very satisfied.”

    - Bart Smith
    Coast Lamp Manufacturing, Inc.-Canton, NC

  • “It’s often said that you don’t get something for nothing, but in this case you do.”

    - Thomas May
    Bolivia Lumber Company-Wilmington, NC

  • “I believe UMS provides a service which produces savings without the customer having to make any capital investments. It is like signing up for ‘free money!’”

    - Bruce Parson
    Lenoir Community College-Kinston, NC

  • “I have used UMS for many years and have always found them to be helpful and responsive to any needs that have come up. It is a very useful service that’s easy to use and saves me money.”

    - Patrick O’Leary
    Dominos/JPO Management-Knightdale, NC

  • “The benefits that were stated by UMS on prospected savings have definitely been realized!”

    - Richard Sistrunk
    Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church-Sanford, NC

  • "While we haven't saved "thousands" of dollars it is adding up! And these days any dollars we can keep in our pocket is worth fighting for."

    - Gail Franks
    El's Drive In, Inc.-Morehead City, NC

  • “I am glad that there is an advocate looking out for our rights."

    - Melody Gonzalez
    Taggart Enterprises/Stamp Source-Charlotte, NC

  • "UMS helped our 6 manufacturing plants save on gas and electricity bills; has been a big help."

    - Mike Ridenhour
    Morganton Chair/McCreary Modern-Newton, NC

  • "UMS does a great job monitoring our utilities for fluctuations in pricing and passing those savings on to us."

    - Charlie Jones
    Cameron Bar & Grill/CBG Ventures LLC-Raleigh, NC

  • "As a fairly small business we cannot always employ experts in certain areas. UMS fills a gap for our company that would otherwise go unattended. This is a win. A win that saves us money."

    - Chuck Moore
    James M Pleasants Co.,Inc-Greensboro, NC

  • "Services have been very good. Staff is friendly and we have realized savings."

    - Jeff Hood
    Neomonde Baking Company-Morrisville, NC

  • "Any company with multiple power bills should strongly consider UMS as a way to reduce expenses. Allison Outdoor has been very satisfied with our savings."

    - Gary Ayers
    Allison Outdoor Advertising, Ltd.-Sylva, NC

  • "The service that UMS provided us is great. They were able to get us refunds for past services that we paid too much for and also made sure that the current rates that the utility companies had us on were correct. This has saved our company thousands of dollars. Highly recommend UMS!"

    - Ralf Maier
    General Microcircuits-Mooresville, NC

  • "Excellent Service, we appreciate the utility savings and were not aware of the discounts available."

    - Markus Schalkamp
    Profilform US Inc.-Henderson, NC

  • “I believe the service you provide is beneficial to the small business owner.”

    - Evans Trawick
    Cape Fear Seafood Company-Wilmington, NC

  • “Great service as we could not gather enough knowledge to negotiate with utility company.”

    - Terry Hadley
    Prototype Productions-Ashburn, NC

  • “We were contacted and offered a service we didn’t know was available. You made it easy and stress-free.”

    - John McManus
    Barmac Farms, Monroe, NC

  • “We love the savings! We appreciate the professionalism your company exhibits!”

    - Cecilia Grimes
    Cecil Budd Tire Company LLC-Siler City, NC

South Carolina

  • "I am appreciative of the opportunity to save on my utility costs. Thank you, UMS!"

    - Stephen Fagan
    Hartsville Furniture Co.-Hartsville, SC

  • "Easy and convenient service to ensure we are not paying more than we should."

    - Paul Schumacher
    Clarendon Health System-Manning, SC


  • “Wonderful service, great folks to work with, all around great company!”

    - Jason Kuhn
    Patient Services, Inc.-Midlothian, VA

  • “Glad we heard about UMS - we were able to save money!”

    - Daniele Lewis
    Skyline West LLC-Fairfax Station, VA

  • “This service is a no-brainer. I highly recommend this company.”

    - Kathy Laube
    St. Catherine’s School-Richmond, VA

  • “Thank you for helping us save money on our utility bills. Each dollar saved is a dollar that can be used for other important parts of our mission. We really enjoy the newsletter!”

    - Eric Sherwood
    Ocean View Church-Norfolk, VA

  • “Savings, while not as large as hope for, are savings none-the-less and greatly appreciated!”

    - Gary Schlueb
    McDonald’s/GHS Enterprises-Chesapeake, VA

  • "I believe this service is well worth the cost."

    - Emil Viola
    VICO Construction Corporation-Chesapeake, VA

  • "Good Service. Excellent Savings in electric bill.

    - Vick Patel
    Econolodge Town Center/Shiv Shreya LLC-Virginia Beach, VA

  • "UMS helps us save on our electric bills."

    - Antonio Capece
    La Grotta Inc.-Richmond, VA

  • "Your company helped me save money."

    - Bob Patel
    Courtyard by Marriott/Crossways LLC-Chesapeake, VA

  • "Initial communications from account manager Mike Maddox were informative and helpful in understanding the services promised by UMS and the payment structure and savings guarantee."

    - Keith Hightower
    Smuckers/JMS Foodservices LLC-Suffolk, VA

  • "UMS has consistently provided us with reliable electric usage amounts resulting in savings each month."

    - George Shaffer
    Shaffer's Deli and Catering-Woodstock, VA

  • "Services have been simple and easy to understand and keep up with! Thank you!"

    - Tiana Rick
    Rickland Direct LLC/Chosencorps, LLC-Richmond, VA

  • "UMS managed to find savings when no one else could. I had tried to work directly with my utility but they were not interested in helping. I am very grateful for the service UMS provided."

    - Vincent Adriance
    Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics-Quantico, VA

  • "With the utility companies changing rates, programs etc. it's nice to have a company monitoring and making sure we have the best rate possible."

    - Connie Jenkins
    TP Developed Parcel LLC/Jefferson Home-Culpeper, VA

  • "Utility Management Services contract was very easy to implement and the shared savings was well worth the time saved auditing our electric bills."

    - Gary E. Scott
    ESKA Graphic Board USA-Chesapeake, VA

  • “UMS has certainly saved me a lot of money that I wouldn't have been aware existed. Very straightforward concept that is a win-win situation.”

    - Jon Mitchell
    Reston Bible Church-Sterling, VA

  • “As costs everywhere continue to rise we are happy to have an area of savings provided by UMS!”

    - Rick LaReau
    Worth Higgins and Associates-Richmond, VA

  • “When this property was transitioned from owner to owner the account representative made the transition painless and seamless. Very happy with the communication efforts and attentiveness.”

    - Justine Gavino
    CSG Executive Drive LLC-Norfolk, VA

  • “The church is appreciative of the savings from your company.”

    - Melody Underwood
    Victory Tabernacle of God-Midlothian, VA

  • “At first I was skeptical, saw the results, now I'm a believer. Converted every building we manage. Have seen the savings. The Best!”

    - Cecil Cutchins
    Olympia Development Corporation-Virginia Beach, VA

  • “We have enjoyed working with Utility Management Services, Inc. for the past two years. We're glad we listened to their suggestions to save money on our electric bills. Also, their quarterly invoice is easy to read and we look forward to our continued relationship together.”

    - Jeff Laibstein
    Virginia Furniture Company-Norfolk, VA

  • “UMS was very friendly and straightforward regarding their service.”

    - V. Vachhani
    Global Hospitality-Virginia Beach, VA

  • "We are appreciative that UMS is "watching over us" regarding our utility bills. Even if we don't receive any money, it is nice to know that our billing is being monitored."

    - Carolyn C. Swecker
    Casey Cycle City Corporation-Newport News, VA

  • “UMS provides a valuable service and our representative, Mary Greblunas, is very friendly and knowledgeable.”

    - Tim Slagle
    Grove Street Properties-Charlottesville, VA

What is a utility bill audit?

A utility bill audit is a comprehensive review of your power or natural gas bills; to analyze your usage and identify any billing errors, overcharges or future savings opportunities that you qualify for. A utility bill audit can uncover large sums of money that have been overpaid by the customer.

What do I need to do to start using your service?

UMS has a proven service model designed to minimize disruption to our customer’s business and maximize outcomes.

  • Simply authorize us to conduct an off-site audit and analysis of your electric and/or gas bills and provide us with a copy of one month’s bill.
  • We will obtain 12 months or more of your historical billing directly from your utility provider.
  • Our analytical team will conduct a historical audit to search for errors, overcharges and other refund opportunities.
  • We will also perform an in-depth analysis to identify ongoing savings opportunities.
  • We will negotiate with your utility provider, on your behalf, to secure any refunds, credits and ongoing savings you are due.
  • To find out more information about our service or to schedule a brief introductory visit at your location, please fill out the contact form below.
  • Contact Form

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    • By clicking SUBMIT you agree to our Privacy Policy

How is UMS compensated for its work?

Our policy is to never charge for work that does not result in savings for the customer. If savings are identified, we are paid a share of the savings you receive.

Does UMS continue to work on our behalf after the initial audit?

UMS will continually monitor your accounts going forward every quarter to ensure you are not being overcharged for any utility provider errors or irregularities and to guarantee you are still on the best rate for your operations.


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At Utility Management Services, our team is a group of highly motivated industry specialists dedicated to delivering first class service to each of our clients, investors and business partners. At our core, we focus on customer relations, value and integrity.

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