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Property management is a challenging job, requiring a delicate balance of tenant management, cost oversight, and facility maintenance while aiming to be profitable. At UMS, we want to help!

Our comprehensive utility bill analysis requires no equipment upgrades, operational changes, staff time, or upfront costs. You can seamlessly continue your daily management while we save you money.

Whether you manage apartment buildings or large offices, we are here to help!

Savings Numbers

TypeMax Annual
Average Annual
Max RefundAverage Refund
Commercial Office$226,625$16,458
Residential Community$17,934$11,203$71,024$71,024

Case Studies

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, Park Place Condominium is a 17-story high-rise complex with over 400 units. UMS’ certified
Business Energy Professional Analysts searched for billing errors, overcharges, and ongoing savings opportunities for Park Place. Within a month the audit was complete and the news was great; they were on the correct rate and no errors were found.

Two years later, UMS completed Park Place’s annual audit. Due to rate restructuring and usage changes, this audit revealed that Park Place was now going to save $15,540 annually!

Greenhouse Condominium

Kathryn Green is a long-time client of UMS. When she started her new role as General Manager for Greenhouse Condominium, within six weeks she reached out to UMS to get an analysis started.

UMS was able to uncover over $28,000 in annual savings due to a more cost-effective rate/rider combination. UMS informed Kathryn that they had made several attempts, years prior, to meet with Kathryn’s predecessors and were denied multiple times— costing Greenhouse over $117,000 in savings!


"UMS made saving money easy. They received our billing, made the change and we save on our monthly bills.”
Debby Millhouse, President
CEO Inc.
"I like the services offered because it is a win-win situation for both. After your free evaluation, if there are no savings to be gained, I lost nothing but if there were savings, then I gained savings, and we all like that!”
Elvin Capestany, Property Management
Terra Management Services
“At first, I was skeptical. Saw the results, and now I’m a believer. Converted every building we manage. Have seen savings. The Best.”
Cecil Cutchins, President
Olympia Development Corp
“It’s the General Manager/Property Manager’s responsibility to always make time for a meeting if it could save the property money!”
Kathryn Hutchison, General Manager
Greenhouse Condominium
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