Case Study



Located in Alexandria, VA, Park Place Condominium is a 17-story high-rise complex with over 400 units. Park Place is managed by Legum & Norman Inc. (L&N Inc.) an Associa Company. Several Associa properties partnered with Utility Management Services, Inc. (UMS) to perform a contingency-based utility bill audit.

Using proprietary software, Ratemaster, UMS’ certified Business Energy Professional Analysts searched for billing errors, overcharges, and ongoing savings opportunities for Park Place. Within a month the audit was complete and the news was great; they were on the correct rate and no errors were found!

As part of their agreement, UMS continued to audit Park’s Place bills to ensure they stayed on the best rate for their energy usage.
Two years later, UMS completed Park Place’s annual audit. Due to rate restructuring and usage changes, this audit revealed that Park Place was now going to save $15,540 annually!

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