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We work with a wide array of clients in varying industries and locations to uncover savings. No matter what industry you are in, we work to add money back to your budget and grow your organization’s bottom line and impact. Whether you operate a fitness center, marina, recycling plant, or even an airport, we can help!

Savings Numbers

TypeAverage Annual
High Annual
Auto Dealer$4,746$23,648
Cities and Governments$16,481$290,236
Health Care/Hospitals$45,862$956,121
Property Management$17,196$226,625
Religious Organizations$3,412$62,500
Restaurants and Bars$5,525$129,000

Case Studies

DCC Metal Recycling is a third-generation run scrap metal business operating in six locations. UMS pulled 12 months of DCC’s historical billing directly from DCC’s power provider and analyzed all the billing data. An excessive monthly facility charge was found. Feeling the charge was unjust, UMS’s in-house corporate counsel advocated for DCC against their power provider and the public commission and eventually received a charge reduction. With the charge reduction coupled with other pricing plan savings opportunities, DCC saved $150,000 in yearly utility bill expenses!

Marine Hydraulics International

Sitting on the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia, Marine Hydraulics International (MHI) is an industry expert in marine system repairs. MHI provides a full-range of repair, maintenance, and moderation services on all machinery, piping, electrical and structural systems.

Utility Management Services was able to learn more about MHI’s operations by performing an onsite visit and was able to uncover over $90,000 in water/sewer savings. UMS also identified an additional $130,000 in electricity savings without any changes to their day-to-day operations.

Dominion Enterprises is a leading software services company with a twenty-story building in Norfolk, Virginia. UMS completed an analysis for them finding that they were not overpaying for their utilities. Eventually, Dominion’s power provider made a change in their rate structure that triggered UMS to re-analyze their accounts. The re-analysis found that the rate change resulted in a significant savings opportunity for Dominion, an opportunity worth $119,000 in savings to be exact.

Shared Hospital Services

Shared Hospital Services (SHS) is a non-profit laundry provider that services 11 hospitals and 100 clinics. Our team of energy experts looked at the actual demand and energy usage for each 30-minute interval of historic billing data for 12 months. This analysis showed the peak demand for SHS and UMS analysts were able to help SHS fine-tune its operations to reduce this peak. By reducing their peak demand and switching SHS to an alternative rate, substantial savings of $192,000 were gained.


“Fairly simple. I didn't have a lot of time to devote to this so my account manager made it pretty simple and followed up many times.”
Grant Chapman
Interstate Warehouse
“UMS delivered as promised. UMS audited over 40 accounts and found savings when we thought there were none. I strongly recommend their services.”
Craig Siebel, CFO
Hudson Automotive
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