Case Study



Dominion Enterprises, a leading online marketing and software services company, was formed in 2006. Their twenty-story building is home to over 800 employees and a state-of-the-art data center.

In any office building this size, let alone one with an entire floor dedicated to data processing and storage, electricity is a large expense.

UMS’ certified Energy Analysts analyzed over a year’s worth of usage and demand data. The initial analysis indicated that Dominion Enterprises was not overpaying for electricity.

Following the initial analysis, Dominion’s power company made a subtle change to one of its rate schedules. After this change, UMS analysts re-audited all of Dominion’s accounts finding that Dominion could significantly reduce their energy bills by having UMS negotiate and execute a new contract with their power provider. 

No operational changes or capital costs needed. Well over $119,000 in savings have been realized.

The Facts

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in savings over time
$ 55 k
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