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Shared Hospital Services (SHS) is owned and operated by the largest hospitals in the Tidewater region of Virginia. The not-for-profit healthcare laundry provides 15.5 million pounds of rental linen each year to 11 hospitals and 100 clinics.

Electricity is one of the largest operating expenses of the organization. Utility Management Services, Inc. (UMS) performed an analysis of the operation to try to find ways to reduce their overall electric bills. UMS’ certified Business Energy Professional analysts obtained power provider data for the facility showing the actual demand and energy usage for each 30-minute interval over 12 months – 17,520 data points. This data allowed UMS to identify the exact times when electrical demand hit peak levels. With that knowledge, SHS was able to fine-tune its operations and strive to reduce its peak demand. UMS also analyzed the interval data using their proprietary software, RateMaster. The tools help identify suspected errors and overcharges on a customer’s electric bills.

Using computer simulation modeling, these tools were also used to project the total monthly and annual billing for SHS under each rate option offered by Dominion Power.

By thoroughly analyzing the usage data, UMS was able to identify a significant savings opportunity for SHS. This opportunity allowed SHS to make slight changes in its operating characteristics in exchange for substantial reductions in its electric bills. UMS monitors the ongoing usage at SHS and notifies SHS when the market prices for electricity are extremely high. This gives SHS the option to run their generator for a very small number of hours per year in exchange for even greater savings. UMS will participate in Dominion Power’s next rate case on behalf of SHS in front of the State Corporation Commission. UMS will request changes in rate structures that will help SHS and other businesses.

"UMS delivered the engineering expertise and technical knowledge needed to create savings for our organization. They continue to work closely with us to help minimize our ongoing electrical costs."

-Mark Smoyer, Former President & General Manager

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