Manufacturing has always been an energy-intensive industry, but this has been especially true in the last decade or so. In fact, in 2018 the manufacturing sector used 24% of all energy use in the United States — adding up to a colossal 894,476 kWh. Leaders in this sector know all too well that all those kilowatt hours add up to a pretty penny. If manufacturers aim to stay competitive and ahead of rising energy costs, they must be vigilant and resourceful.

Did you know many manufacturers miss out on huge sums from billing errors and mediocre utility pricing plans? Finding the ideal utility pricing can be a time-intensive project, especially considering how many pricing options are available. Fortunately, when you partner with UMS, you can save both time and money! Our experts do a detailed analysis of your electric, natural gas, and water bills so you don’t have to. Our data-driven approach has saved manufacturing companies across the United States hundreds of thousands. Make saving easy by reaching out to us today.

Savings Numbers

TypeMax Annual SavingsAverage Annual SavingsMax RefundAverage Refund
All Manufacturing$1,957,400$34,933$333,993$23,515

Case Studies

Lyon Shipyard

Lyon Shipyard (LSI) has been serving the maritime industry as a top-notch repair facility in Norfolk, VA for over 80 years. Following an in-depth analysis, UMS experts discovered savings opportunities and utility bill errors that, once remedied, added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. Prior to our collaboration, LSI had suspected a billing error but did not have the time or expertise to investigate. By working with UMS, the company found their power provider had been billing them for an amount that greatly exceeded their needs, resulting in a $37,000 refund. This and other findings saved LSI over $233,000 a year without any added effort on the part of the company’s leadership team.

STF Precision is known for excellence in manufacturing high-tolerance cutting tools. STF creates high-quality diamond-tipped cutting tools, a specialty item that is famously difficult to produce. When STF approached UMS, the company sought a way to lower its natural gas and electric bills. After a full utility bill audit, including examining two prior years of billing data, UMS professionals found that STF was being overcharged. In the end, STF saved over $24,000 in ongoing savings without any operational changes or capital investments.

Prinston Pharmaceuticals

Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc. has specialized in manufacturing outstanding generic medication products for decades. In addition, they offer tailored solutions for their clients in the form of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (CMO). The scientists at Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc are passionate about manufacturing generic products that increase patient access to otherwise expensive medication. In order to do that, they need to make sure their own costs are under control — which is where UMS came in. After analyzing 12 months of historical billing data from Prinston’s power provider, UMS experts were able to save the manufacturer over $80,000 with little to no operational changes.


"After getting the results of my analysis, I could not believe how much I was being overcharged by the power company. The expertise of the UMS team is extremely valuable, and they could save your business a lot of money. I highly recommend having them perform a risk-free audit, even if you’ve had one done before - and if they don’t find any savings, there is no charge.”
Dave Novak, VP of Administration
STF Precision Technologies & Tools, INC.
“The services provided by UMS have been great for our business. It gives us more time to do other things instead of figuring out why our power usage is costing us so much money. They do all the work, and we save money. It is a win-win situation.”
Jennifer McNeilus, Controller
Gibson Accumulator
“The UMS team was incredibly helpful when explaining their services and the opportunity. The process was simple and would recommend a trial for other companies.”
Erik Root, CFO
Lion Labs, Ltd.
“I was unsure if we could save money on utilities and did not have the time or experience to research it. Using Utility Management took away any doubt because they found the prices, we are paying are very good and there weren’t any savings they could find. It cost me nothing and saved me time.”
Greg Wooten, Chief Infrastructure Officer
Contractor Service & Fabrication Inc.
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