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Prinston pharmaceuticals


Prinston Laboratories has specialized in manufacturing generic solid dosage products at the same address since 1983. Prinston Laboratories provides state-of-the-art Quality Systems, and cost-efficient operations with a focus on On-Time In-Full delivery. They also offer pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services (CMO) tailored to fit your needs.

Utility Management Services, Inc. (UMS) Account Manager,
contacted General Manager, Jon Bill at Prinston
Laboratories’ US manufacturing site in Charlotte, NC to see if we could help with their rising electricity costs. Jon Bill was looking for ways to save money as well, thus creating a partnership between UMS and Prinston Laboratories. UMS’ Certified Business Energy Professional analysts obtained Prinston Laboratories 12-month historical billing and usage data directly through their power provider and performed a thorough off-site audit and analysis of their electric and natural gas accounts.

Using UMS’ proprietary software RateMaster, UMS searched for billing errors, overcharges, and rate opportunities.UMS identified over $73,000 in annual savings and over $15,000 in refunds.

Prinston Laboratories was so pleased by the savings
opportunities UMS had identified without having to make any operational changes that they referred us to other customers.
UMS will continually monitor and analyze their utility accounts
to ensure they are still paying the lowest possible cost– giving all of our customers peace of mind that their business or organization is not being overcharged.

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You can trust the experts at UMS

More Than

in annual savings
$ 15 k
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