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UMS has a strong track record of recovering money on utility bills for government entities and municipalities of all sizes. Cities have a wide range of electrical bills from traffic lights to town halls to water treatment plants. We analyze all accounts leaving no potential avenues for savings unexplored. By partnering with UMS, government facilities can rest assured that we are dedicated to maximizing value for taxpayers’ money and ensuring its optimal utilization.

By serving as a Commercial Utility Provider Multiple Award Task Order Contract recipient for the US Army, UMS has consistently delivered successful outcomes by undertaking numerous projects aimed at streamlining and reducing utility costs. Our expertise enables us to effectively address the unique challenges faced by the Army, and we can do it for your facilities too.

Savings Numbers

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Case Studies

The City of Douglasville has a philosophy to stay in front or ahead of the best municipal practices. This philosophy lead the city to look into UMS for a utility bill analysis of their utility accounts.

UMS analyzed all of the City’s accounts uncovering $27,000 in annual savings. Our analysts continued to monitor accounts and found over $7,000 in additional savings from a new account the City added.

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is a waste and water treatment provider that operates solely on the funds of its customers.

UMS analysts were able to uncover major savings opportunities. One of the opportunities projected to yield hundreds of thousands in savings required a slight operational shift. UMS helped advise in this shift. Other non-operational change savings were also implemented by UMS for CFPUA.

Overall, CFPUA realized over $407,102 in annual savings.

The City of Forest Park received a new City Manager, Ricky Clark. Mr. Clark’s goal was to make a substantial impact within his first 100 days. After hearing about UMS’ contingency-based service Mr. Clark wasted no time in setting up a meeting to learn more. 

Upon City Counsel’s approval UMS analyzed all of the City’s accounts uncovering $16,000 in annual savings. This is the exact results, Mr. Clark, Mayor Angelyne Butler, and City Counsel were looking for.

Mayor Klimm of the City of Madison immediately set forth to complete a large project by overseeing the renovation of Madison’s historic City Hall upon hire. This was a major accomplishment to achieve within his first year. After its conclusion, the next major priority was to find ways to increase funding for the city.

After hearing about savings through a contingency-based utility bill review, that same afternoon, Finance Director Ms. Stapp supplied one month’s power bill for each account to UMS. Our analysts found over $8,200 a year in savings!


"I think many communities across the state would benefit from utilizing the services of UMS. If your savings is $5 dollars or $50,000, it is worth it to our tax payers."
Al Leonard, Town Manager
City of Jonesboro
“I have used UMS in prior positions and considered it a “no-brainer” when I started as CEO of our water utility. UMS saves us money by leveraging energy industry knowledge that our own staff does not possess. I always say you don’t need to know every answer, just where to go to find every answer. UMS has the answer for cost savings.”
Jeffery Hudson, CEO
Onslow Water & Sewer Authority
"I believe the services being provided by UMS are extremely valuable and add a level of comfort to our organization knowing that our power accounts are being maintained. As a local Agency, it is imperative that we are good stewards of tax dollars and find the UMS service helpful with this."
Cameron Cole, Director of Operations
Liberty County Development Authority
"Our city has been studying and researching our power bills to find if we have competitive rates or if we are being over charged. When I received the call from UMS we were definitely interested. The time didn’t take long and it was nice to know that we are getting the best rate right now."
Debby Fontaine, City Clerk
City of Nicholson
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