Case Study

the city of forest park


As a new City Manager, making an immediate impact on the community is a top priority. In Ricky Clark’s case, he set very bold goals for the first 100 days at the City of Forest Park. 

In order for Mayor Angelyne Butler, MPA, the City Council and Mr. Clark to fulfill these bold improvement goals, funding was a necessity. Upon hearing about the possibility of identifying savings through a contingency-based utility review, which wouldn’t require any out-of-pocket costs, Mr. Clark wasted no time scheduling a meeting with Utility Management Services (UMS). Since the City of Forest Park had 117 electric accounts, he knew there was a good chance for UMS to find savings opportunities. 

Upon approval by the City Council, the City of Forest Park provided UMS with a signed copy of the service agreement, the power provider authorization form and one month’s bill for each electric account. From there, UMS’ analytical team went to work by downloading hourly data from the power provider, reconstructing past bills and analyzing usage information to determine the most cost-effective plans that would help the City of Forest Park save tangible money. 

UMS’ thorough assessment revealed several beneficial opportunities with the power provider- where no operational changes would be needed to achieve savings. 

UMS forecasts $16,000 in annual savings for the City of Forest Park. This was exactly the kind of result that Mr. Clark, Mayor Butler and the City Council hoped to see within the first 100 days of Ricky Clark’s leadership. 

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