Case Study

City of douglasville


The City of Douglasville is a growing metro area of Atlanta, Georgia. In the past two decades, the City of Douglasville has seen a 70% growth in its population. This growth brought about the need for a redevelopment of downtown.

The City of Douglasville has a philosophy to stay in front or ahead of the best municipal practices. This philosophy coupled with the need for a redesign lead the city to look into UMS for a utility bill analysis of their utility accounts.

After completing their due diligence, the City of Douglasville learned that working with UMS would require little effort on their end and could result in large savings.

UMS analyzed all of the City’s accounts uncovering $27,000 in annual savings. Our analysts continued to monitor accounts and found over $7,000 in additional savings from a new account the City added.

“The city of Douglasville’s philosophy is to stay at the forefront of the best municipal practices. The city’s partnership with UMS fits into that philosophy flawlessly and has resulted in savings not only for our organization but most importantly, our residents.”

- Rochelle Robinson, Mayor

The Facts


$ 2500
in annual savings
$ 700
in savings found from UMS continually monitoring
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