Electricity is a major line item for grocery stores as it powers the lighting, refrigeration systems, and various electrical appliances. Refrigeration is particularly significant in grocery stores to preserve perishable items and ensure food safety. With shoppers opening and closing wall chillers all day, these charges add up. 

With this in mind and food costs rising, a no-cost utility bill analysis can save your store significant money and allow you to keep prices down increasing your customer loyalty.

Savings Numbers

TypeMax Annual SavingsAverage Annual SavingsMax RefundAverage Refund
All Manufacturing$24,200$5,369
Food/Beverage Manufacturer$104,351$10,462$32,309$8,978

Case Studies

Lyon Shipyard

Lyon Shipyard (LSI) is a repair facility in Norfolk VA with over 80 years of service to the maritime industry. Utility Management Services helped recover hundreds of thousands in utility bill errors and savings opportunities. LSI had suspected a billing error but did not have the time or expertise to investigate. From our inspection, it was found that the billed demand was largely greater than the equipment load at the site resulting in a refund to LSI from their power provider.

STF Precision a high-quality diamond-tipped cutting tool manufacturer excels in manufacturing high-tolerance cutting tools. STF approached UMS seeking to lower their natural gas and electric bills through our off-site utility bill audit and analysis. Our analysts were able to pull 2 years of historical billing data directly from STF’s power provider to complete an in-depth analysis where there were several findings. All opportunities found required no operational changes or capital investments and resulted in over $24,000 in ongoing savings.

Prinston Pharmaceuticals

Prinston Laboratories has specialized in manufacturing generic solid dosage products since 1983. They also offer pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (CMO) tailored to fit their client’s needs. UMS pulled 12 months of their historical billing data directly from their power provider, completed the analysis, and found over $80,000 in savings through different opportunities. Significant savings were realized with little work on their side. Prinston was so happy with the services they then recommended UMS to other businesses and organizations.


"With the current energy companies constantly raising the rates and my energy bills continue to soar to nearly $3,000 a month, I appreciate the savings I receive with UMS.”
Karen Frye, Owner
Natures Own Inc.
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