Feeding America is a vast job that comes with a high price tag. We work to help the farmers and agricultural industry professionals of America — those who keep food on our tables despite droughts, supply chain issues, and rising prices.

Whether you grow grain, operate a nursery, or raise chickens, hogs, or cattle you likely have high utility bills. Let us help reduce your utility bills so you can spend your time focusing on operations rather than costs.

Savings Numbers

TypeHigh Annual
Average Annual
Max RefundAverage Refund
All Agriculture$1,641,781$45,146$267,650$39,100

Case Studies


The Cargill Plant in Virginia was looking for ways to reduce operating costs as prices for grain and other necessary products for their production were continually rising. In a market that is very competitive, it becomes difficult to pass on the price increases to the end consumer.

UMS began the analysis and pulled over 35,000 points of data from their utility bills. Our expert team of analysts then negotiated with Cargill’s power provider for lower pricing options and better contract terms. The plant realized $197,000 in annual savings as a result of their risk-free utility bill audit.


“Great to have a third party that is familiar with the utility to look at our billing and rates.”
James C. Moore
Black River Farms
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