Religious Organizations


At UMS, our mission is to be your advocate, empowering you to serve as a beacon of support for even more people. We strive to maximize savings for your organization, enabling more funds to be reinvested into your budget. 

By uncovering greater opportunities for savings, we free up your valuable time and resources, amplifying the impact you can make. Allow us to assist you in creating a brighter world for us all. 

Savings Numbers

TypeMax Annual
Average Annual
Religious Organizations$62,500$3,412

Case Studies

Liberty Baptist

Liberty Baptist Church‘s Hampton Campus is among the largest worship facilities in Virginia. It is home to over 4,000 members each Sunday. Keeping everyone comfortable is a large, costly job which is why Liberty partnered with UMS to see if their utility expenses could be lowered. 

UMS determined that Liberty Baptist Church could reduce
its energy costs by over 20% by negotiating and executing
a new Power Purchase Contract with a significantly lower rate. No operational changes were required and no equipment was installed.


Northside Baptist Church located in Valdosta, GA has been serving the community for years with the mission “Live with a purpose, leave a legacy.”

Northside Baptist Church pays its power provider about $90,000 per year and saw a utility bill analysis from UMS as a
win-win opportunity to help the church save without
spending a dime.

At the end of the analysis, Northside Baptist received the good news that they had not been overcharged. No savings were identified, so there was no charge and UMS continues to monitor their accounts for future savings opportunities.


“Stewardship of resources is one of my key responsibilities. Consulting with UMS was an easy decision. Their professionals gave me peace of mind that we were on the best pricing plan possible.”
Dr. Christopher Sanchez
Northside Baptist
"UMS has certainly saved us a lot of money that I wouldn’t have been aware existed. A very straightforward concept that is a win-win situation.”
Jon Mitchell
Reston Bible Church
"Our members trust me to spend every penny wisely. UMS has the technical experience we needed to help us save thousands of dollars, and we appreciate it."
John Greene
Liberty Baptist
"This has been a good experience with a service I would not have researched for on my own.”
Leslie Cenezy
Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church
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