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Liberty Baptist


Liberty Baptist Church’s Hampton Campus is among the largest worship facilities in Virginia. The 277,000-square-foot church was updated and expanded in 2011.

It is home to over 4000 members each Sunday. Keeping everyone comfortable is a large, costly job – one that is welcomed by Justin Greene, Liberty’s Executive Director of Administration. After the expansion, Greene reached out to Utility Management Services, Inc. (UMS) to perform an audit of their operation and look for ways to lower their electric bills.

Using our proprietary software, RateMaster, our analysts can identify errors and overcharges on electric bills. The software also projects annual costs for each account under every eligible pricing combination to identify the most cost-effective option.

UMS determined that Liberty Baptist Church could reduce its energy costs by over 20% by negotiating and executing a new Power Purchase Contract. By UMS negotiating a new contract, Liberty Baptist realized over 205,000 in savings. No operational changes were required and no equipment was installed.

"Our members trust me to spend every penny wisely. UMS has the technical expertise needed to help us save thousands of dollars, and we appreciate it."

-Justin Greene, Executive Director of Administration

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