Funding is always a major factor in school systems. What if you could add more back to your school’s budget with no investments or initial fees? How could your students and staff benefit from potentially thousands in savings?

Our services allow you to lower your utility bills and recoup overcharges due to utility billing errors. Bring in more money for this year’s school budget by partnering with UMS. 

Savings Numbers

TypeMax Annual SavingsAverage Annual Savings

Case Studies

Episcopal High School located in Virginia is an over 177-year-old private boarding school. The school’s electrical system includes 65 electrical delivery points and 30 power company-owned transformers. Due to this, they had some bills with over 70-line items. Complex billing like this leaves more room for error and overcharges can be difficult to detect. 

Alleghany County Public Schools

Alleghany County Public Schools (ACPS) serve more than 2,000 students across five different schools. UMS completed an off-site utility bill analysis and discovered excessive charges related to oversized equipment installed by their utility provider. UMS worked with ACPS and their provider to have the equipment replaced without any interruptions, generating savings for years to come.

New Hanover County Schools has over 42 facilities supplying a top-notch education to over 25,000 students. One of their largest line items, with so many facilities, is their utilities. In 1998 NHCS partnered with UMS to see if they could pay less on their utility bills enabling more money to be placed back into their budget. This analysis uncovered over $287,000 in annual savings!

Over the years their student population grew bringing about the need for expansions of existing buildings and the building of new facilities. In 2018 NHCS again partnered with UMS to see if there were even more savings to be found and there was! UMS found an additional $53,000 in savings bringing the total to $340,000 annually.


“The model used by Utility Management Services is straightforward and easy to understand - which is important for verifying true savings given all the variables that enter in.”
Kevin Rice, Director of Finance
Alleghany County Public Schools
“Why would you not want to ensure that you are receiving the best possible rate from your utility provider? Let UMS handle that for you and your business can take advantage of the savings. I would prefer UMS to have our money than the utility company. Our Account Manager, Ron Hoffman, is amazing to work with.”
Amber Makowen, Director of Finance
Altamont School
“Utility Management Services saved us tens of thousands of dollars, and every dollar of savings is important to a school district. We valued their service and expertise.”
Valjeanne Estes, Energy Manager
New Hanover County Schools
“Excellent business model! Win-win situation! With all the electricity fees, tariffs, etc., we need someone on the side of the consumer who is an expert in this area - it’s very confusing to someone never exposed to the industry.”
Darin Boothe, Director of Finance
Floyd County School Board
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