Case Study

New Hanover County Schools


New Hanover County Schools (NHCS), provides education to nearly 25,000 students. It includes 42 PreK-12 educational facilities, as well as two alternative schoolsNHCS’ mission is to provide children with an opportunity for a superior education in a safe and positive learning environment.

To achieve this, NHCS utilizes energy-efficient HVAC equipment to regulate temperatures and indoor air quality; well-lit classrooms to facilitate learning and increase productivity; walk-in refrigeration and cooking equipment to provide well-balanced meals; and computer systems to foster an engaging educational experience. 

In 1998, NHCS partnered with Utility Management Services, Inc.(UMS). To help identify the most cost-effective plans with their power provider. Through this review, UMS implemented over $287,000 in annual savings for NHCS.

Over time, New Hanover County’s population grew exponentially. It caused a need for the creation of additional learning centers, the replacement of older buildings with new schools, and the expansion of existing facilities.

Due to these changes, NHCS teamed up with UMS for a second time. In 2018, UMS was able to implement an additional $53,000+ in annual savings opportunities—a grand total of more than $340,000 in savings realized through both reviews

The Facts

You can trust the experts at UMS

$ 200 k
savings found in 1998

More Than

$ 200 k
in total annual savings
$ 20 k
additional savings found in 2018
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