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Owning and operating a restaurant or a brewery is an exciting and, at times, stressful endeavor. The food service industry is naturally fast-paced and volatile, with high employee turnover and a great deal of exposure to variables like rising inflation and broken supply chains. With this amount of risk and fluctuation, every savable cent matters. According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, restaurants spend between five and ten times more than comparable industrial spaces on energy costs, depending on the type of establishment. Between refrigeration or cooking appliances and seemingly endless AC and water use,  restaurants spend massive amounts of their budgets on utilities. Happily, food industry professionals can easily save a great deal simply by partnering with UMS to analyze their utility bills.

Managers and executives in the food industry tend to have about a million things to keep track of at any time. Few have the extra hours or expertise necessary to choose the best utility pricing plan or enact an extensive audit to find potential billing errors. That’s why more and more owners and managers are choosing to work with Utility Management Services to streamline the saving process. Some restaurants have saved nearly $30,000 a year on utility costs, with no upfront fees. With those kinds of savings, opting out of a UMS utility audit means leaving huge sums on the table.

Savings Numbers

TypeMax Annual SavingsAverage Annual SavingsMax RefundAverage Refund
Food & Beverage Manufacturing$1,430,210$48,540$30,392$9,138

Case Studies

Falcon’s Group

The Falcon’s Group is a franchise management group, operating over 90 popular franchises in seven states. The company has long been a delighted client of UMS; each new restaurant is assessed and streamlined by UMS experts upon acquisition. Over the years, our professionals have found savings in over 70% of the group’s restaurants, resulting in $129,000 in savings and counting. None of the savings opportunities required operational changes or alterations to staff time.

The American

The American is a staple of downtown Bainbridge, GA, and presents a new menu of gourmet, fresh cuisine each day. After months of dealing with rising food costs and staffing shortages, the restaurant’s management team was looking for a simple way to reduce their operational spending. Once UMS experts analyzed their bills, they found an opportunity to save $4,300 annually — without any operational changes. The executives and managers at The American were able to put that money back into the budget, investing more in providing customers with an exquisite dining experience.

Waterman’s Brewing Company is a Wilmington, NC staple, serving local and visiting beachgoers handcrafted beers and delicious eats since 2017. When Waterman’s owner, Don Weber, was first introduced to UMS he was skeptical about the savings opportunities, but nevertheless gave the process a shot. This turned out to be a lucrative choice — UMS experts found $14,000 in annual savings for the brewery. Weber and his team didn’t have to make any upfront payments or operational changes. After UMS pros analyzed Waterman’s utility history they took care of implementing the changes, adding thousands of dollars back into Waterman’s operating budget.

Triple C Brewing

Triple C Brewing Co. serves craft beer labored with love to the Charlotte, NC community. They are committed to brewing the highest quality beer in addition to giving back to the community with strict recycling policies and  even donating spent grain to nearby farmers to feed livestock. Chris Harker, the owner and founder of Triple C Brewing was approached by Utility Management Services (UMS) offering a way to add money back to their budget to continue positively impacting the community. Chris was curious to see if they were overspending and a risk-free analysis with no out of pocket costs, was a no brainer. UMS conducted the analysis and handled the implementation with the power provider resulting in $9,000 in annual savings.


“Services have been very good. Staff is friendly and we have realized savings.”
Jeff Hood
Neomonde Baking Company
“At first I was a little hesitant, but the data tells it all.”
Derrel Sturdivant
Ben & Jerry’s (Franchise)
“UMS is a professional service that saves us money every month. I can focus on my business and not worry about losing money. They are timely, courteous, and well-managed.”
Brett McCullough, Owner
Brett’s Casual American Restaurant
“We have been using Utility Management Services for many years. Their program has saved us thousands of dollars. Once it’s set up, it’s seamless.”
Pat O’Leary, Owner
JPO Management Dominos
“Little did we realize that we were losing hard-earned profits in not knowing how to effectively negotiate our utility accounts. I was very skeptical that they'd find any savings by analyzing our utility bills, but who's laughing now!”
Don Weber, Owner
Waterman’s Brewery

Video Testimonials

, “Little did we realize that we were losing hard-earned profits in not knowing how to effectively negotiate our utility accounts. I was very skeptical that they'd find any savings by analyzing our utility bills, but who's laughing now!”
Don Weber, Owner
Waterman’s Brewery


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