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tRIPLE C BRewing co.


Triple C Brewing Co. serves craft beer labored with love to the Charlotte, NC community. From an easy-drinking golden ale to a robust barrel-aged stout they are committed to brewing the highest quality beer in addition to giving back to the community. They have strict recycling policies, contribute to local river clean ups, and even donate spent grain to nearby farmers helping feed livestock. Triple C is also home to Izzy’s, a pizza spot run by Head Chef Austin Crum who is well known in the Southeast for his nonconformist viewpoint on toppings.

Chris Harker, the owner and founder of Triple C Brewing was approached by Utility Management Services (UMS) offering a way to add money back to their budget to continue positively impacting the community.

UMS explained the benefits of a utility bill analysis and Chris was curious to see if they were overspending. A service that is risk-free with no out of pocket costs, this was a no brainer.

After Chris sent a copy of their utility bills, it was hands off for him from there. The off site audit uncovered multiple savings opportunities all of which required no operational changes. The UMS certified team of energy analysts uncovered a one-time
refund based on specific operating characteristics as well as ongoing annual savings. UMS conducted the analysis and handled the implementation with the power provider. All Triple C had todo was sit back and see the savings roll in!

The Facts

"I regret not signing up with Utility Management Services, Inc. sooner. They found us significant operating savings and have the process down to where there is very little work to do on the customer side. If they don't find any savings, there is no charge making it an easy decision to work with UMS."

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