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Case Study

Healthcare System


A healthcare system in the Southeast partnered with UMS to perform a thorough, 12-month historical billing audit for their accounts. The system utilizes 80 power accounts; spanning three hospitals, multiple outpatient centers, and other auxiliary facilities.

The system is dedicated to a comprehensive energy management plan and implements energy-efficient solutions to reduce their environmental footprint without reducing the quality of care of their patients. The annual energy expenditures for the healthcare system exceeded 5.1 million. With a continued focus on efficiency, the potential to save in non-patient care areas, such as utilities, was an untapped opportunity.

Through their regional purchasing alliance, the healthcare system learned about UMS and the no-risk assessment they offer to uncover savings opportunities. After providing UMS with an authorization agreement and one copy of a recent bill for each electric account, little involvement was needed on the part. 

Using proprietary analytical tools, UMS performed a thorough 12-month historical billing audit of the system’s accounts. UMS’ analysts obtained usage and demand data from each account directly from the power provider. The audit revealed seven different types and classes of savings opportunities for the system. The smaller opportunities required no operational changes. 

However, the larger more significant opportunities are complex and require additional time to implement. Implementing the simple and complex savings opportunities the total savings add up to almost $1 million. 

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