Case Study

Harmony senior living


For Senior Living operating costs are a large line item. Many assume this is a necessary evil and there is nothing to be done. Harmony Senior Center has 34 communities and 7 more under construction wanted to see if they could pay less for their utility bills to help reduce costs.

UMS energy experts ran a historical billing analysis to uncover alternative rate and rider combinations resulting in $50,000 in annual savings with no operational changes or service interruptions. New accounts for the communities under construction are also planned to be analyzed once there is enough historical billing data.

Utility Management Services offers a rate structure tailor-made to your facility’s operations. Find out if we can reduce your facility’s utility bills. It doesn’t cost a thing.

The Facts

“I’m very encouraged with the early returns on potential savings experienced by our relationship with UMS. Given the no-cost structure they employ, unless savings are identified, Harmony felt very comfortable in engaging them to audit our energy bills within their portfolio. We look forward to any additional savings they can identify for us.”

You can trust the experts at UMS


$ 250 k
in annual savings
electric accounts audited
$ 50 k
savings on two accounts in 6-months
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