Utility Management Services Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Looking Back

In the early years, UMS founder Brian Coughlan began his career as an Account Executive for Carolina Power and Light. In that role, Coughlan was responsible for supporting large commercial, industrial, and governmental customers, school districts, colleges, manufacturers, and hospitals.

“As a young engineer straight out of college, I realized they were all paying too much for electricity. So, I made it my mission to help all of them and teach them how they can pay less.”

Looking Forward

If longevity is a measurement of success, then everyone at Utility Management Services has something to smile about, as they recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. What’s more important to Founder Brian Coughlan and his team, however, is the fact that they have been able to save their clients more than $220 million since the company’s inception in 1998.

Utility Management Services (UMS) operates in a niche that is often overlooked by many large and small organizations, businesses, and governmental entities. By analyzing utility bills for their customers in an effort to identify potential cost savings, the team at UMS has created a value proposition that is difficult to refuse. The only thing a prospective client has to do is agree to let UMS analyze the utility bills. If the team is able to identify cost savings, those savings are split equally between UMS and the business.

The company underwent an extensive rebranding and website overhaul recently. Part of the reason for the rebranding is to provide clarity on the fact that UMS works with clients across the nation. UMS works with everyone from the US Army and major national corporations to small restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels. Over the years, they have been consistently adding services and expanding their geographic impact.

With a proven track record helping clients realize significant financial savings without increasing their risk exposure, along with a team-based approach that leverages the insights of a group of professional certified analysts, the future is bright for UMS and the companies they serve.

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