From Hops to Barley: The Cost Crisis Brewing in the Beer Industry

The beer industry is facing a cost crisis that has sent shockwaves through the market. The two key ingredients for beer production, hops, and barley, have become significantly more expensive. As a result, both small craft brewers and large-scale beer manufacturers are grappling with the dilemma of how to maintain their profit margins without compromising quality.

In such a tumultuous landscape, breweries are seeking innovative solutions to navigate these escalating costs. Fortunately, two cost-saving solutions have partnered together to help mitigate the effect on operations and ensure a sustainable future for the industry.
Below are two cost-saving solutions to help reduce the impact of this price increase on your operations. 
Find major savings with Utility Management Services
The first cost-saving solution relates to another key ingredient in the beer-making process, water. Water plays a vital role in the mashing, boiling, and fermentation process. To reduce your water bill, consider partnering with Utility Management Services (UMS). UMS conducts a comprehensive off-site analysis of your utility bills, examining historical billing data to identify any hidden overcharges. This cost-effective solution requires no upfront expenses and can be initiated within a few minutes, saving you both time and money. 
Supercharge your brewery with Ohanafy 
The second cost-saving solution is to implement Ohanafy, a brewery management solution that provides you with clarity and the ability to drive better business decisions. Ohanafy provides a one-stop solution to help manage production, inventory, sales, marketing, and employees and drive efficiencies in those areas. But it doesn’t stop there. When you leverage Ohanafy, you gain visibility around monthly energy, water, gas, and electricity costs and usage. Having this data allows you to see if costs are rising and where there could be enhancements to your process. At a time when opening and operating a brewery is more challenging and expensive than ever, utilizing the best technology can ensure long-term success. 
The Power of Utility Management & Ohanafy 
UMS and Ohanafy can help you navigate the cost crisis brewing in the industry and maintain profitability. Take Tarboro Brewing Company, for example. With UMS, Tarboro Brewing Company was able to achieve significant savings through a UMS utility bill analysis. Paired with Ohanafy, Tarboro Brewing Company was able to track utilities and all operations to drive revenue growth.
With UMS’s expertise in utility bill analysis and Ohanafy’s utility tracking functions, you can identify and eliminate hidden overcharges, leading to significant savings on utility bills. This powerful combination of cost-saving measures and technological advancements ensures you remain resilient in the face of economic challenges, enabling your operations to thrive and continue to delight beer enthusiasts with your craft.
To summarize, as the beer industry faces these escalating costs, it becomes crucial for brewers to explore cost-saving solutions to maintain quality and profitability. By partnering with UMS and Ohanafy, you can reduce the impact inflation is having on your operations, ensuring you can continue to deliver exceptional brews. 
Learn today how your brewery can save money, increase productivity and drive revenue. 
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About Ohanafy:
Founded in Wilmington, NC, in 2022, Ohanafy is an innovative brewery management software that partners with craft beverage companies of all sizes to drive sales, decrease costs, and save time. It is the only brewery management software built on Salesforce and is quickly becoming the go-to solution for breweries across the United States. Ohanafy is proud to partner with breweries of all sizes and is excited to continue supporting and empowering the craft beverage industry.
About Utility Management Services:
UMS is one of the largest and most successful utility bill auditing firms in the country. Since 1998, our analysts have audited utility accounts for over 10,000 customers and have identified more than $220 million in savings for our clients. Contact us today at 888-867-3230 or visit our website to schedule a meeting with the UMS representative!
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