Spreading Joy: UMS Corporate Office Celebrates Angel Tree Tradition


The spirit of giving and spreading joy is alive and well at the UMS Corporate Office, as team members recently came together to participate in the annual Angel Tree tradition. This heartwarming event, organized in collaboration with The Salvation Army, embodies the true essence of the holiday season, bringing smiles to the faces of children in need.

This November the UMS team enthusiastically embraced the Angel Tree tradition, a cherished annual event that holds a special place. The premise is simple yet powerful—each participant selects an Angel Tree child, a child facing challenging circumstances during the holidays. These chosen angels become the focus of the team’s generosity and goodwill.

Participating employees take great care in selecting toys, goodies, and essential items that will bring delight to the young recipients. The thoughtfulness that goes into choosing these items reflects the genuine commitment of the UMS team to make a positive impact in the lives of those less fortunate, especially during the festive season.

Once the selections are made, UMS takes the next step by purchasing the chosen items. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the UMS team and Salvation Army, 22 children will wake up to a brighter Christmas morning, surrounded by the warmth and joy of carefully chosen gifts. It’s a testament to the collective power of compassion and the positive change that can be achieved when a community comes together for a common cause.

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