Managing Utility Costs for Healthcare:
The Power of a Utility Bill Audit

Healthcare systems are continuously seeking ways to optimize their budgets while maintaining the highest standards of patient care. While staff salaries and medical equipment costs often take center stage, one outlet for cost savings lies in utility bill audits. By partnering with UMS to complete a comprehensive off-site utility bill audit, healthcare facilities can unlock significant financial benefits that not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to their broader mission of delivering quality patient care.


Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and outpatient centers are extremely energy-intensive depending on electricity, water, and natural gas to keep them running. These utilities are essential for patient care, but their consumption can be a substantial part of their facility’s operational expenses. Utility bill audits involve a thorough off-site examination of water, natural gas, and electricity bills to identify any billing errors and opportunities for cost reduction. By scrutinizing usage patterns and evaluating utility providers’ pricing options, UMS can pinpoint areas where utility bills can be reduced and implement alternative pricing leading to substantial long-term savings.


Furthermore, utility bill audits can also uncover discrepancies in billing, ensuring healthcare systems are not overcharged for the services they receive. Errors in billing can add up over time and addressing them through an audit can result in substantial refunds or credits from utility providers. These reclaimed funds can then be reinvested to improve patient care, enhance facilities, or support staff development, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and financially stable business.



By partnering with UMS energy experts, healthcare systems can harness the power of utility bill audits to unlock substantial savings, making more resources available for their core mission: providing high-quality healthcare to patients. 

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